CSR awards 2014

visual identity , trophy and stage design for CSR Awards 2014 (made at ArtRebels)

CSR awards is an annual event hosted by the Danish CSR foundation. The foundation work to raise awareness of Corporate Social Responsibilities in companies across Denmark. The annual award show pays tribute to companies that have made a special CSR effort. Previous speakers at the event include Kofi Annan, Al Gore, Bill Clinton among others.

The visual identity had to have a corporate feel, yet it had to be playful at the same time, and through the almost tactile feeling of wood it gave a sense of sustainability, one of the pillars of CSR. Below are examples of the visual identity, trophy design, and stage design.




04_CSR_award_show_visual_identity_visuel_identitet_scenografi_stage_design 05_CSR_award_show_visual_identity_visuel_identitet_scenografi_stage_design 06_CSR_award_show_visual_identity_visuel_identitet_scenografi_stage_design

Photography by Helena Lundquist

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